56892257_SWell, it’s official: deer hunting season is over.

Guess it’s time to clean those rifles, store the camo and boots and start dreaming of the day when you once again don your gear and set out on the hunt. (Que the sad music and tears.) Ready yourself for somber days spent twiddling your thumbs and pining for the smell of freshly ignited gunpowder.

But hold your horses, pal. Is this really the time to close up shop and sit on your hind end? No, if your any kind of hunter, it certainly is not! This is actually the PERFECT time of year to do all sorts of hunting-related activities that’ll improve your overall deer hunting ability.


Instead of sitting around, feeling sorry for yourself, you could be doing things like …

  • Making plans for big hunting trip or the fall! If you start now, you’ll save money on travel costs and accommodations. Plus, by getting plans figured out this early, you’ll pretty much have your pick of where you want to go, depending on your own financial and practical limitations of course,
  • Going shed hunting! Looking for freshly shed antlers is a great way to get back out outdoors and look for potential hot spots frequented by big bucks.
  • Scouting! Whether you’re using a homebound resource like Google Earth or other online mapping tools or actually putting boots on the ground, looking for potentially productive hunting grounds can be done almost any time of year … so why not now?

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The off-season is also the ideal time to step up your rifle shooting game. You could be learning how to how to become an offhand shooting ace, prefect your trigger pull, find ideal nature-provided gun rests, fire quickly without losing accuracy and so many other things by just practicing. Click here for great rifle shooting drills that’ll teach you how to all of these things and more.

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