Measure with caliper

In this video we look at how to properly measure your scope turret with a caliper so you get the best fit for your Custom Turret Label.


Our data base of scopes is continually growing. Chances are we have you scope in our data base, but if not, here’s how to measure your turret using a caliper.

1. Measure the diameter in inches to the 3rd decimal.

  • This measurement is the most critical to making an accurate Turret Label make sure there is no play in the turret and that the caliper is tight to the sides of the turret.

2. Measure the height in inches to the 2nd decimal.

  • Only measure the height you want the label printed….NOT the total height of the turret.

The other information we will need about your scope is…

1. The click value of your scope in minutes of angel (MOA)
2. The number of clicks per one revolution of the turret.
3. The direction of rotation for an upward impact (counter clockwise or clockwise)