Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping Questions


Do you ship internationally?

No.We only ship to the U.S.


Can I track my order?

No. Orders are shipped in a 4.5″x9″ envelope by the USPS.


How long does it take to receive my custom turret label once it’s ordered?

We try to send out all custom turret labels within 7-10 day of your order (often only 1-2 days). Usually the mail service will take 3-5 days to get it to you.


Can I have my order express shipped?

Yes. Just email us at [email protected] that you need your order expedited and include the day you need them by. Additional cost will vary from $15 to $25 for express shipping. Tracking numbers are available on express orders.


Order Questions


Why do you I get four turret labels with my order?

Four labels are included with your order in case you accidentally apply the label incorrectly you can have several backup labels to try again. Also, if you wanted to order another set of labels for different hunting conditions, you can switch back and forth up to four times before having to re-order more custom turret labels.


Label Questions


Do I receive a new turret for my scope?

No. You will only receive a label to apply onto your current turret.

Can I turn the numbers 90 degrees so they are vertical?

Not yet…but this feature will be available soon!

Is a label re-usable?

No. The adhesive is designed to handle extreme conditions. You will ruin the label if you remove it.


How do I know if a custom turret label will work for my scope?

The custom turret labels will work on most target style high profile turret with the exception of tapered turrets. If you have a medium or low profile turret and a vertical surface of 0.10” to apply the turret on then the custom turret label should work for your turret. However, if the vertical surface area is lower than 0.10” then the amount of data that can be printed on the label decreases. We recommend that only yardage marks be printed on anything under 0.18”.

For more information see our Scope Requirements and Information needed to create a turret label page.


How do I remove the turret label?

Simply peel off the turret label and remove any leftover residue with mineral spirits.


Will the custom turret labels damage my factory turret?

Not likely. We have used these labels on many different factory turrets and not once has the adhesive damaged the factory turret coating.


Will my label fall off?

It shouldn’t. The adhesive is very strong and designed for outdoor use. The edges have yet to curl on labels that have been used in the past. As long as you don’t scratch up the overlapping edge of the label it should never separate from the turret.


How do I apply and remove the custom turret label properly each time?

See our “How To” section for instructions