Wind/Angle Chart

If you use CTS ballistics then your order will come with a FREEĀ set of QR charts.

What is it?

A QR Chart is designed to give shooters Wind and Angle compensation information.


Typically are applied to the scope in a convienent location.

They are made of the same weather resistant material as Turret labels.


The amount of windage holdover based on the ballistics information entered in the program.

They can be made in 10 mph or 5 mph wind values, and in inches, MOA, or MIL

Angle Compensation

The amount of adjustment needed for the distance to your target at that specific angle.

These numbers are rounded to the nearest 10 yard/meter increment for easier math.

IE: A 600 yard shot, at a 20 degree angle, you deduct 40 yards of distance, making the true range, 560 yards



Use your fist to determine incline/decline. A fist at arm’s length is about 10 degree….2 fists is 20 degree and so on. This is typically accurate within a few degrees andĀ used in conjunction with the Angle Chart can really help in the field!!