Ever tried to squeeze off a shot when you’re out of breath? Not easy.

But how do you teach the next generation of hunters how to recover from a hard climb and still make that trophy shot? Or what to you tell them to keep them from flinching before pulling the trigger?

For all you fathers out there, here are five simple strategies for helping young hunters improve their shooting accuracy:

  1. Trigger control: One of the most common mistakes young hunters make is pulling the trigger back in a jerking or slamming motion. That split-second error will throw off a shot every time. Encourage youngsters to put consistent pressure on the trigger. A slow, steady squeeze will lead to more kills in the field.
  2. Deep breaths:  This can be difficult, especially if you’ve just dragged your young hunter up a ridge. But breath control is crucial when it comes to long-distance shots. So before your hunter puts an ounce of pressure on that trigger, have him or her take several deep, steady breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Shoot.
  3. Low-caliber training: The best way to work on a young hunter’s accuracy is with a .22-caliber rifle. Not only will it save you money in ammunition, but it will help your hunter focus on breathing and trigger pull without having to worry about a hard recoil or loud muzzle blast.
  4. Field work: Have your hunter practice with different shooting positions in the field. It’s one thing to prop them up behind a stationary rest. It’s quite another to shoot over a fanny pack or from a kneeling position.
  5. Think ahead: When it comes down to making that killing shot, make sure your hunter doesn’t put down the rifle after pulling the trigger. No matter how accurate your hunter tries to be, there will always be shots that fly astray. And for those instances, there is always a second shot.

Hope that helps. If you need any pointers, don’t hesitate to call.