Pronghorn Antelope BuckIf you’re a long-time hunter, you know that new challenges put the excitement into the hunt like nothing else. But did you know that areas in the U.S. provide habitat that includes the Shangri-La of exotic species?

Here are just a few of the unique animals that will make other hunters green with envy over your hunting trophies.

A variety of ranches offer large swathes of acreage where exciting hunting opportunities abound with both high-fenced and low-fenced areas. Here’s a rundown some of the species that roam the Texas landscape.

The Red Stag

The meat of this magnificent animal is considered a delicacy and you don’t have to travel to New Zealand to hunt this exotic specimen. That’s because you’ll find it in the state of Missouri. No U.S. passport is needed!

Hawaiian Black Sheep

Exotic species of sheep abound in the U.S. and include the Hawaiian Black Sheep. With their ebony-colored coats and gorgeous spiral-shaped horns, their unique attributes combine to make these majestic animals a trophy to be treasured for years to come!

Buffalo hunts

What hunter doesn’t quest for an opportunity to hunt the beast that defined the American West? Buffalo hunting is an experience hunters will never forget. The Mickelson┬áRanch in the plains of South Dakota offers hunters a choice between stalking and aiming a rifle shot, or using a blind to get close to the quarry.

Of course, the best hunting experience is one in which the shot hits its mark! That’s what provides the bragging rights and the sense of satisfaction that comes from a hunting excursion that garners those trophies.