Bedded Mule Deer Buck Close UpIn the life of a hunter, late winter is a time for transition. It falls somewhere between the fur harvest and the turkey hunt. Furs are getting thinner, hair is starting to shed, and Gobblers haven’t begun gobbling. What’s there to do for an antsy gamesman? Here’s an idea: Take up shed-antler hunting!

It’s challenging and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. It gets even better. You can make money, too!

Why look for shed antlers? First, these beautiful works of nature have become popular interior-design accessories. They can be turned into rocking chairs, chandeliers and lamps. Some have fashioned shed antlers into coffee tables or hat racks. The possibilities will intrigue you. They also find their way into flower gardens, over entryways and along sidewalks. Their ornamental value is only limited by your imagination.

The antlers of deer-family members loosen up in late winter, falling off in February and March. The actual drop often occurs as the animal jumps a fence, brushes against a tree limb, or travels over rough terrain. In any case, antlers can be found scattered across miles of winter range. The trick is to find them.

Shed antlers have commercial value and often sell for big bucks! The price of antlers rises and falls each year, much like the stock market. Bigger antlers fetch bigger bucks. Matched sets sell for a lot more than singles. Unique configurations and those from exceptional specimens can actually command enough cash to make your house and car payments. Sweet!

There are also the mental and physical benefits of combing an area for antler sheds. Staying healthy pays dividends both now and in the future. You’ll enjoy life more and find more zest in living while traipsing back and forth over hill and dale, looking for the antler shed that just fell off Prince Bambi.

Along the way you will learn much about the habits and habitat of wintering big game. Your efforts to find sheds, and deer or elk bedded down in a winter woodland wonderland will hone your visual skills and prepare your for the fall hunt. Hunting for sheds is real hunting, only this time, you won’t have to field dress your trophy.