Wild turkey hunting season landscape background illustrationWell, it’s turkey-hunting season across the United States once again! If you weren’t aware of this glorious fact, here’s the turkey hunting schedule for every state in the nation.

As you probably know, hunting gobblers is tough.

A lot of hunters consider hunting turkey more difficult than most game because the birds’ erratic nature and keen sense of smell make them both unpredictable and very aware of their surroundings. Turkey hunters also cite their chosen game’s almost paranoid personality and utter lack of curiosity as other large hurdles.

Adding to the difficulty, turkeys spend loads of time in large flocks and tend to stay completely camouflaged. They’re well-known for their skedaddling skills. Turkeys also have some of the sharpest eyesight in the animal kingdom. All of this means turkey hunters spend a lot of time scouting, trying to build effective blinds, and waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

This is why turkey hunters constantly look for tips and insights into hunting this finicky game. To help you out, here’s a one-stop-shop for all the turkey hunting advice you’ll ever need. It includes insights about scouting, decoys, which land to focus on, what calls to use, how to clean your bird, and much more.

Happy hunting, turkey shooters!