True or false: Hunters do not need to be fit? FALSE!

Stereotypically speaking, hunters aren’t the most fitness conscious people.

That’s not to say that we are unhealthy or out of shape, we simply have more important Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.09.13 AMthings on our mind most of the year – e.g. When does deer season start? When does duck season start? When does turkey season start?

Good hunters are probably spending most of their free time ruminating on all things hunting, which doesn’t leave too much time to focus on fitness. According to the Pro Hunters Journal, however, we may want to start rethinking things.

Aside from the obvious and highly publicized health benefits of being fit – longer lifespan, better quality of life, less joint and muscle pain, more looks from suitors in the supermarket, etc. – the impact it can make on your hunting success might just surprise you.

Per the Pro Hunters Journal article “Getting Fit = Better Hunting,” simply dropping a few pounds of unwanted fat might make all the difference in the world when it comes to bagging that behemoth buck or tricky turkey.

For those of us who need some convincing before we get worked up in a fitness frenzy, here’s how the experts at PHJ puts it: “Imagine how taking five, ten or twenty pounds out of your pack could change the way you feel as hike to your treestand, your blind location, or up the ridge to glass for that big bull. It comes as no surprise that you would probably find the walking less strenuous, you wouldn’t be breathing as hard (and would therefore be leaving less scent in the air), and you’d be less likely to get sweaty — which can make you colder more quickly once you stop moving and start the formation of odor causing bacteria.” Adding, “You’ll feel better, move through the woods more swiftly and quietly, and maybe even look a little more svelte in your trophy room photos.”

Not quite familiar with exercise routines? No worries, here are a few resources that might help you get started:

For a routine that focuses on your torso and core muscles (which help with coordination, stability and overall strength), click here.

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