Hand of a HunterHunting during the winter can be grueling. Hunters must cope with cold, and find a way to shoot straight with numb fingers and bulky winter clothes and gear. On top of all this, being out in the unforgiving elements while cold and wet can be dangerous.

Staying warm on the hunt comes down to having the right gear. A great place to start looking is here. You won’t find a better breakdown of cold-weather hunting gear.

Other simple hunting hacks like using cardboard to protect your feet, doubling up on hats and maintaining a specific diet can also help you combat the harsh winter. Get information about these and other great tips here.

Another effective way to stay warm while hunting is by moving. And there’s no better way to ensure movement while hunting than by “still hunting.”

Still hunting is a technique where hunters stalk their prey with slow and deliberate movements. Somewhat counterintuitively, still hunting involves much more movement and walking than normal stationary hunting, and requires a higher level of scouting ability and focus. This style of hunting often requires shooting on the move, rare in big game hunting scenarios.

Still hunting is distinctive in its challenges as well as its potential for excitement. If you’re new to this style of hunting, do your homework. Tips and tactics here and here will be helpful in achieving the necessary level of preparedness and awareness.