9461723_SMost hunters know that game like wild hogs and pheasants are ready for the take during summer months. And recently, year-around coyote hunting has become a thing in some states.

But what about other game? What about hunters who find pheasant hunting boring and/or wild hog and coyote hunting unappealing?

For the hunter currently asking these questions, perhaps he or she should be asking a different question: why not hunt some squirrel this summer?

Why not indeed.

States like Mississippi and Tennessee have squirrel hunting seasons that go into the summer. And some states, like Missouri, let you legally hunt squirrel all the way through next year!

Those unfamiliar with this form of hunting might be asking this: why on earth would one want to hunt the lowly squirrel?

This one’s easy to answer: it’s fun and squirrel is delicious! In case you don’t believe the last part. Check out these delectable squirrel meat recipes.

If you don’t believe the first part, you’ll just have to go out and see for yourself. But before you do, here are some quick tips that might help all you first-time squirrel hunters. This handy resource will go over the two ways to hunt squirrel (sit and wait OR stalk), clarify the importance of simple listening and describe why shooting safely and precisely is a little more challenging when it comes to squirrels.