A whitetail deer buck standing in the snowDeer hunting season is pretty much over. In a few places, you can still take a bow out for another month or so, but there’s no doubt that the season is wrapping up.

Regardless of whether you’ve had a great year or a disappointing one, all of us deer hunting fanatics are wondering what in the wild world of sports we’re going to do with ourselves.

Though most non-hunters probably scoff at such a notion, the period between deer seasons is tough for us hunters to take. Think about it: we spend every single waking hour of our free time focused on hunting during the season and once it’s gone we’re left feeling empty.

Bills due? “So what, I’m on my way to the deer stand”

Car’s got a flat? “Oh, well, I take the truck hunting anyway.”

Boss wants you work late? “No skin off of my back, I’ll be staring down a scope in the morning.”

The sun didn’t rise this morning? “Who cares, I can find deer in the dark.”

You get the drift, but the question remains: What will you do to pass time until the next deer season?Get ready for next season, that’s what!

There’s no better way to get ready for next season than with these great tips. Here experts discuss everything from scouting to habitat management. It’s admittedly not as great as actually hunting, but at least it’s related!

Also, if you fall into the “I’m a little too lazy to be scouting land and laying out grain in the dead of winter” category, you could always check out this gem of a Website. It puts all of the best digital hunting games at your fingertips and lets you get your hunting fix via pixels and binary code. (Heads up: you might have to sign up for a free account to play).

Hopefully our suggestions will help you bide the time until next deer hunting season. If not, you can always spend hours day dreaming. Good luck out there!